Heating Electric Kettle

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  • IPO Pure crystal heating element makes water and electicity seperate totally.
  • This kettle only boil the water as it come out of the spout, don't worry about scald carelessly.
  • Instant heating to boiling fresh water (100°) within 3 seconds.
  • Using food grade PP material, environmental and safe for drinking water because it would not produce heavy metals and other harmful substances.
  • Temperature control of 70°C-100°C.
  • Automatically stop boiling if water is not enough.
  • Transparent water line helps you notice the water level.
  • It 's a good tool to make coffee, tea and other instant drink.
  • This item covers a small room, is suitable for bedroom, living room, office, etc.


  • Model: DM
  • Material: PP material
  • Color: Black And White
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Rated voltage: 220V-250V
  • Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated input power: 2000W
  • Operation Type: Touch-tone
  • Waterproof Level: IP68

Operation Method:

  1. Open the lip, add water into the pot.
  2. Link the plug.
  3. Turn the switch to the temperature you want. (70°C-100°C)、
  4. Waiting for 2-3 seconds.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Hot Water Kettle