Magic Care Deep Repair Hair Care Mask

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Product Details:
  • It only takes just mere seconds of home treatment with this Advanced Molecular Hair Roots Treatment to finally make your hair GORGEOUS and healthy-looking, again!
  • Too much chemical treatment from frequent styling and salon visits damages our hair, and years of damage can be hard to repair with just everyday shampoo-ing.
  • This mask is meticulously formulated with Advance Molecular Technology Treatment to deeply penetrate deep down into the roots to target and strengthen hair follicles It replenishes hair nutrients and adds protection to the cuticle to boosts hair’s overall health.
  • Also reverses the effect of environmental stressors like sun damage, UV exposure, chlorine and salt-water from swimming and constant damage caused by years of chemical treatment.
  • It strengthens hair to correct and prevent split-ends, makes it more manageable and bouncy.
  • Net Weight: 60ml