Nose Uplifting Clip

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  • Lift and shape your nose without need for expensive plastic surgery.
  • Easy to wear and keep clean.
  • Apply to nose for desired effect, Only 3 steps!!! Just insert it in your nose!
  • Color: As Pictures

Size 0: approx. 2.5cm/ 0.98" (for relatively smaller size of nose)
Size 1: approx. 2.65cm/ 1.04" (for ordinary size of the nose)
Size 2: approx. 2.8cm/ 1.1" (mostly for men)
Package List:

  • 6PCS/Set=3Pairs(3 sizes) Nose Up shaper


  • It will hurt a little bit for the first couple of times of using. So wearring it too long at the beginning is not suggested. First day 1-2 hours, then 2-3 then 3-4, and so forth.
  • Clean your nose and the clips before use and also don`t forget to clean it after use.
  • Not suit for swimming, sleeping, strenuous exercise.
  • NOT for under 16 and those who has rhinitis, nose job, severe cold, nasal discomfort.
  • Please stop using it when pain phenomenon occurs.
  • Keep it away from children.