Quick Nano-Coating Ceramic Spray Coating Car Polish 500ML

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Bullet Points:

  • The product contains silicon dioxide, teflon and other high-efficiency polishing and splashing ingredients to achieve a high degree of self-cleaning effect on the paint surface, isolating external injuries and protecting the paint surface.
  • Dirt and other stains are easy to adhere to the paint surface and make the paint surface dirty. The coated paint has lotus leaf effect and improves the self-cleaning property and hydrophobic of the paint surface.
  • Improve hardness and reduce scratches: After coating, the car paint forms a protective layer to reduce or avoid scratches caused by external forces and reduce the damage degree of the car paint.
  • High temperature resistance, no burning trace: After the car paint is coated, it can effectively resist the problem of paint oxygen discoloration caused by high temperature and make the car paint brighter.
  • After coating, a coating layer is formed on the surface of the car paint, so that the car paint can return to the factory state and be bright as new.


  • Product Name: Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Product weight: about 700g
  • Packing: opp bag
  • Product capacity: 500ml


  • 1 x Ceramic Spray Coating