Salon Cotton Gray Face Towel

Salon Cotton Gray Face Towel

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Product Details:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Production process: Terry
  • Color classification: gray / purple
  • Name: Thickened hotel luxury cotton towel bath towel
Note: Due to differences between different displays, pictures may not be reflected.
The actual color of the item, due to different measurement methods, please allow 1-2 cm deviation, thank you!
Washing Ways:
1. Please clean it before use to remove dust. 
The best period of washing and sterilization of towels is one week.
 2. The cotton towels, having strong alkali resistance, can be washed with soap or lotion.
 3. Please keep the water temperature under 30 degree centigrade, 
 do not soak the towel in lotion for a long time in case of fading. 
 Hand wash, instead of machine wash,  is recommended.
 4. Do not bleach, and the lotion should not have bleaching ingredient, 
 so as not to irritate your skin or make the towel fade.
 5. In order to maintain the bright color,
  do not insolate, and it is best to dry in the shade.
 6. Keep the environment ventilated and dry, so as to prevent spots or bacteria.

Package includes: 1x towel